Lecture: “China`s Belt & Road Initiative: China`s way to a new world economy”

⇒ Annual kick-off event of Lions Club Stuttgart City on 3rd February 2020

Lecture: “The Belt and Road Initiative”

⇒ Netzwerk Hessen – China business forum on 24th October 2019 in Kassel

Lecture: “Wuxi-partnership and the New Silkroad”

⇒ Chinesisch – Deutscher Wirtschaftstag 25th June 2019 Stuttgart

Lecture: “The Belt and Road Initiative”

⇒ Commerzbank AG lecture series “Belt and Road: Shaping a new world”

Lecture: “Cultural exchange within the Belt and Road Initiative”

⇒ Vernissage “Chinese Ink Painting” 8th June 2018 Freiberg a.N.

Lecture: “Understanding China: The new 5-Year-Plan (2011-2015)”

⇒ Fidelity China Roadshow 2011: “China: The beginning of a new  consumer age ?”

Lecture: “Globalisation of labour markets through the example of China”

⇒ 1. deutsches Arbeitsmarktforum 2010 at Audi Forum Neckarsulm

Lecture: “China in the year of the Rabbit”

⇒ Annual kick-off event of the IBB Bodensee Bank AG February 2010