Research and analysis for China and Germany

         •  Market research and trend analyzes
         •  Location analyzes and business research
         •  Tax and legal specifics
         •  Current political and economic developments
References on request: e.g. Market analysis and strategy recommendations for infrastructure projects, China Oil & Gas, China Tunneling, Coal Mining, Shale Gas and others.

Consulting, project and process support

         •  Information and consultation talks about ideas development and options
         •  Strategy development and portfolio (threads, chances, opportunities, risks)
         •  Contact and business initiation as well as mediation of transactions
         • Support in founding companies, cooperations and participations, M & A
         •  Sales organization, personnel recruitment, customer relationship management
         •  Corporate, brand and product communication
         •  Intercultural coaching for specialists and executives
         •  Integration and Conflict Management

Lectures, workshops and moderation

We aim to provide knowledge and understanding of the specifics of political, economic and cultural developments in China and Germany.
Therefore we offer for German and Chinese institutions and companies for public as well as in-house events:
         • Lectures and keynote speeches on specific topics according to the occasion and goal
         • Interactive workshops and roundtable discussions on selected topics
         • Moderation of information events and panel discussions